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Match! But, Now What!?!?

By Lovla's blog team

Ding, ding ding! Jackpot, as you would say. This type of jackpot, is just in the shape of a very cute person, that you actually want to get to know better. But how on earth, do you go from match to contact? No sweat, help is on the way. The jig is up, huh? You’ve logged in to a match, but how do you act from now on? Does the sweat of anxiety, quietly begin to show? Good! That way, you know it’s serious ;) You’ve shared your interests, as if you were planting grass in the garden at home, no shame in being determined, when opening your eyes to the new world of online dating.

You’ve reached the point of no return, and now you need to act on it. To the person, you’ve sent your virtual flirt in the direction of, you also seem to look quite cute, and the interest is mutual. Insert your own drum roll or fanfare.

At this point, you’ve starred intensely at the match sign, for about fifteen minutes and contemplated, whether you’ve stepped into some kind of parallel univers, or how this wonderful being, could even find you interesting.

While we completely agree, that thinking things through, is a great idea, we’re also convinced, that action needs to be taken. And how exactly is that going to happen? Well, it's quite simple. You take the two installations, planted at the end of your arms - better known as hands, and start typing.

But what to say? Fortunately, it’s not our job to provide detailed recipes, on how to write a good message to your Lovla flirt, but we’re happy to give you a small hint or more: For God's sake, don't just write "Hello ...". It’s a bit like inviting for dinner, and then treat you date with Daloon spring rolls, which are still a bit cold in the middle.

You seem to be just as intrigued as a military man, on forced stay, at Woodstock, and that isn’t really what we’re going for, right? Questions, information and creativity, has to be put to use - not too much and not too little. If you roll out your whole life story in a message, you’ll probably appear a little desperate and needy. As far as we know, there hasn’t been anyone, who’ve been successful, with that course of action.

So, start out nice and quietly. Asking about work and interests, in case there should be any similarity in your interests, is just a bonus. This is pretty much dialogue 101, but just remember to ask questions in your messages, unless you’re actively trying to kill the conversation.

Showing interest pays off, and it breeds a desire to know more about, at the same time. Sharing things with each other builds trust, and from trust, all the amazing things grow. Whatever these things may be, we’ll let you explore and define.