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You Are Your Username

By Lovla's blog team

You may very well look like a super model and driver fast car, but just what good is it, if your username presents you as an uninspired moron - pardon our french.

Well, we started out a little harsh, but sometimes you don't have to pull any punches. It may be very obvious, not to go all in, when it comes to your username, but instead find something quick and easy.

Even though we can’t prove clearly, that you can’t have a positive online dating experience with a username like Johan123, it might not say much about who Johan really is. - Unless, of course, 123 refers to Johan's height or IQ, for that matter.

It’s about putting the same energy in your username, as you plan on putting in, your online dating. - And scrolling your finger through the numbers on your keyboard, doesn’t really scream creativity, does it? Fortunately, we give you a helping hand in getting a username, which’ll make you inbox look like it exploded. Here’re three tips, on how to create a good username.

Appeal, appeal, appeal

Believe it or not, an appealing username pays off, who would have thought? We’d at leat prefer to write to Super_Sofie over Disaster-Karina. However, we are big fans of poetry, of all kinds. On the other hand, there can also be some sort of excitement, associated with Disaster-Karina. Who knows what can happen in her company, right?

Create positive associations

And what the heck, do we mean by that? Well you see, your username should create positive associations. That can be done in many ways, fx. by being humorous. Humor is one of the things, that attracts people the most, so you should never be afraid of using humor, when creating your username. Who wouldn't love a LonnieLova or Turtle's journalistic sidekick April-O’Neil?

Unique and easy to remember

It's all about being remembered. You’re one of many on Lovla, so, doing a little work, is a good way to get a username, which sticks to the mind. Do you remember how you learned things, using rhymes and quotes? The technique can, interestingly enough, be transferred to your username, fx. Bombshell_Michelle. Are you a train driver, on the other hand, and your name is Thomas, Thomas_Train is a funny reference, which most people with small children in the family, will know about.

In general, it's about letting your imagination loose and be creative. You may want to ask a friend for advice. Two minds, are better then one, and it’s always good to get someone else’s opinion. This also applies, in relation to your profile description, but we’ll discuss that, in another post…