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Transparency and Honest Relationships

By Lovla's blog team

There’re a bit more options, to choose from, when creating your profile with us. Here’s an explanation of why we’ve made our “I’m looking for" category, the way we have.

Expressing what you really want, can be heck of a job, when you venture into the fascinating world of online dating. The primary realisation is, that something probably seems to be missing. We’re not really fans of putting people in boxes, so our "I'm looking for" is also slightly different, from what you might’ve tried before.

To us, it really comes down to, giving you the space to be honest, about what you really want. We’ve decided, to give you choices, that reflect the criteria you want to be present, in the kind of relationship you’re looking for, with another person.

You may’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of the relationship types, we’ve chosen to use as options. We’re very aware of the fact that, it can be incredibly difficult, to stick to just one, but at the same time, we believe, that it’s the amount of choices, that makes it exciting for you, as a user.

The reason we initially ask you to only choose one, is to give you the opportunity, to reflect on what you’re really looking for, in a partner. Our experience tells us, that the more specific you are, the more you have to think about your choice.

A person, who’s into a kinky and open relationship, may be what you’re looking for. However, we still believe, one of the characteristics mentioned, makes more sense to you, than others. Are we mistaken? Needs can change over time, so of course, you’ll be able to change, what is is, you’re looking for, at any given time.

We’re well aware, that you’ve heard it all before, but being honest is, and always will be the best policy, which is why we also suggest, that you be frankly honest, when specifying, what kind of relationship you’re looking for. But most of all, we of course, hope you’re honest with yourself and express the needs, that really matters to you.