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Transparency and Honest Intentions

By Lovla's blog team

One of the main ingredients in the construction of Lovla is sublime user experience at eye level.

That’s why you’ll find there are a few more options to choose from when you creating your profile with us. Here we give you an explanation of why we’ve created our categories, such as traits, conversation starters, and what you aren’t a fan of, that we have:

Goodbye to stereotypes

Expressing what you really want, can be a heck of a job when you venture into the fascinating world of online dating. The primary realisation is, that something probably seems to be missing. We know our members necessarily wouldn’t like to be put in boxes, so our profile information is slightly different, from what you might’ve tried before.

To us, it basically comes down to, giving you the space to be honest, about what you really want. We’ve decided, to give you choices, that reflect the qualities you want to be present, in the serious relationship you’re looking for, with another person.

You may have stumbled across the selection of categories we’ve chosen to use as options and preferences. But we haven't worked hard on Lovla's concept for you to sit back with a flat and soulless feeling. Therefore, all content is well thought out and thoroughly tested, to get as close to the personal meeting as possible. We’re very much aware that it can be extremely difficult to focus on just one thing, but at the same time, we believe it’s the range of options that help make it more exciting for you to get to know new people on Lovla.

There’s a method to the madness

We use the information to calculate the match score and the potential you have with others. But another reason why we initially ask you to fill out your profile is also to allow you to reflect on what it really is you’re looking for in the relationship. Our experience tells us the more specific you are, the more you have to think about your choice.

Needs can, of course, change in the long run. Therefore, you can at any time change in what you are looking for under My ideal match, so our specially designed algorithm shows you a new variety of members with which you have a high match score.

We’re well aware, that you’ve heard it all before, but being honest is, and always will be the best policy, which is why we also suggest, that you be frankly honest when specifying, what kind of relationship you’re looking for and what qualities you prefer. But most of all, we hope you’re honest with yourself and express the needs, that matter to you.