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Tested by the Friends

By Lovla's blog team

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

You’re meeting the friends of your flirt (drumroll). You know damn well, that this is down the lines of meeting the in laws, so the nerves are on edge. But you approach the task, head first, and start as subtly as possible, to ask your flirt about what qualities make a good friend. You try to get a little head start, before it all goes down.

The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today

You’re ready Eddie. You’ve studied hard and it simply can’t go wrong. Still, you’ve got plenty of tension in your bones. You’re about to meet for a cup of coffee and a walk. Activity has a way of killing awkward silence, so the activity fits you well. You’re shining, you’re in on everything, from cat-sitting during vacation, to where the best bars in town are. You’re - to say the least - a social firework.

Judgement day

If we carry out the exam metaphors, we can say that your flirt plays the role as examiner, while the friends, possess the role as the sensor. The examiner's finest job, is to get you through the exam in the best possible way. The examiner now looks at his/her student, as if there was a regular circulation issue, during the exam, and asks a little hesitantly: "I know you were nervous, just exactly what happened?" You look baffled, and answer "What do you mean?". You've obviously delivered a TED-talk like a pro, and talked more or less uninterrupted for two hours, without much consideration for time nor other conversational norms.