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That’s How You Know They’re In Love

By Lovla's blog team

There’s absolutely zero wrong with being a hopeless romantic. On the contrary, it’s nice with a bit of spark and butterflies in an otherwise trivial everyday life. We’ve been bottled up with rosy love songs and Disney’s enchanting universe, which has taught us about great love and true-love’s-kiss. But once you’ve got your heart burned, you quickly learn that the music also can have a different tune and that falling in love isn’t a given. That's why we give you these suggestions on how to reveal if another person is in love with you.

Share Bits and Moments

You’ll be introduced to the important aspects of their lives and during the day you’ll be updated on what they’ve experienced. You may get the feeling they see you as an extension of their lives and want you to become familiar with their daily experiences. It shows confidence when you’re spun into their everyday life and you appear in their thoughts when they laugh at something funny they want to share.

Your Opinion Matters

When you become important to another human being, your attitudes and behaviours also begin to matter to them. A fairly clear indicator is if your actions affect them and the expectations they have of your engagement. If they feel overlooked and tell you so, well then you know they care about you.

A Willingness to Compromise

If someone compromises their principles or values ​​for your sake, then their feelings for you are really serious. This means you’re very important and not worth losing. Does the person treat you differently than other people in their lives? Do they make an effort to help you? If the answer is yes, it means they’re sacrificing for you, and it takes strong emotions to be willing to do this for others.

What ultimately is a good idea to notice are the positive ways, the person adds more love to your life. If those things are a majority, you’re well on your way. But remember that after all, action speaks louder than words.