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By Lovla's blog team

Well uhm, it’s been exactly five and a half minute, since you sent the last message. Your bulletproof empirical studies, show that your flirting, has an average response time of three and a half minutes - outside working hours, none the less. So, how in the world do they dare, putting you through this torment? #BadlyRaised

You’re constantly re-reading the message you sent. Were there any misspellings? Wasn't it as fun, as you thought? Or were you just too heavy on the adjectives? The methodological review doesn’t really provide you any clarification, and answers still doesn’t appear to come up. It’s generally known, that throwing the phone around on the couch long enough, will result in an echo, which makes people respond to messages. However, you manage to disprove this rule of nature. #You’reNowAScientist

Your new status as a scientist brings you to new heights, and Victor Frankenstein would do anything to be your homeboy. Your now, completely diluted judgment, brings you to the conclusion, that a quantitative approach to the project, must be the way forward. As you get into a bizarre monologue, you ask questions out into the emptiness and make references to previous messages. #You’reGettingThere

Scenarios begins to unfold, on your retina: They’re probably out with someone else. They’re playing you, and all the sweet talk, about cozy dates, was just a facade. You’re convinced, that you’re actually dealing with a true sociopath - the types you read about online, that tricks several people, with their irresistible charm and personality. #ThePlotThickens

You’re angry, hurt and hopeless! Powerless and defiant, you go take a shower, while cursing at the world. You promise, never to date again. Love is obviously some overrated garbage, that you're obviously too good, to spend your time on, and that's it! Your phone blinks, and you open the app: "Hey! I’ve been to my grandmother's 80th birthday, are you okay?”. You get the chills, as you remember, you’d seen that message when you woke up late this morning, but forgotten all about it. You look in the mirror and think #JustQuitIt