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What Lockdown Taught Us About Our Dating Habits

By Lovla's blog team

When our life as we knew it was turned upside down, we were uncertain about the future. However, today we’re able to reflect on the time that passed. After we’ve emerged to the safe side of the pandemic, we’re now able to start seeing each other more IRL - and thank goodness for that! Our lives had started to become immensely repetitive with always baking bread and making crochet patterned potholders 24-7…

What lockdown also brought along was a new way of having a social life. The lonely existence made the communication automatically move online and so did our dating. That’s why there have never been so many online daters as we see today. However, we see the world through new lenses, so when we have to face our match in real life, we’re dealing with a new normal. Therefore, Lovla has looked into the matter and assessed what lockdown taught us about our dating habits.

We’ve become picky with who we meet

We want to get to know each other better because lockdown forced us to keep in touch at a distance, which helped us spend more time keeping the conversation going. Since we couldn't meet up with anyone, we got closer to each other via online chat. Therefore, many have become more selective with the interactions we have. The nervousness and judgment of the first date are postponed a bit. So maybe someone out there gets another chance?

Quality over quantity

We want to spend more time building meaningful relationships and dating fewer people at a time. Before lockdown, it was more normal to bet on more horses, so to say, and date more. But it seems that lockdown made all singles focus on fewer people and it's almost like it still holds to a certain extend. Now, we're champions of taking love seriously, so we only see this as a positive thing.

The joy of anticipation

The excitement of meeting for the first time is always great. But it's as if it has gotten bigger after a period where it wasn't possible. Before the lockdown, it was perfectly normal for many people to meet with several during the week. Suddenly the lockdown put an end to the fun and made it impossible to meet anyone. Even now that pretty much everything has reopened, it can still be a very special feeling to meet a whole new person.

The excitement of preparing for a date suddenly reappears because even if you're an OG in the dating game, every meeting becomes special once more. Maybe the routines go back before we know it - but maybe, times have changed forever - just a little bit.