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Signs You Know Your Date Is a Keeper

By Lovla's blog team

The excitement is great and the butterflies in the stomach are many when you leave the first few dates feeling like the chemistry is on fire. But what now? Experience has taught us that love can make you blind, so we hardly dare to believe it can be this good. How do you know if you’ve met your perfect match? Predicting the future has never proved to be a particularly safe bet. Fortunately there are other indicators that can tell you if there’s basis for love to blossom.

Heartwarming soul

Being warm-hearted isn’t something you can see from the outside. It’s a trait that’s expressed among other people when you get the opportunity to show empathy and compassion. So, notice how you’re met when you pour out your soul. If you’re greeted with attention and sympathy, you know you’re dealing with a warm-hearted person.

Standing on your own two feet

There seems to be a misleading stigma surrounding the term “an independent person” as being someone who doesn’t need anybody. But independence is a sign of self-confidence and calmness. A person with their own opinions and views will keep your conversations interesting. They’re intellectually challenging and curious about the world's ways of looking at things. A date that can open your eyes to new perspectives and be interested in the ones you can show, is worth seeing again.

Sexy time

Before eroticism comes to mind, it's not just about looks, specific body types or how big a sex drive one possesses. But being sexy is an attitude. It’s an openness and the ability to fully give yourself in private and intimate moments the ways that make the most sense to you - whether it’s a wink across the room at a party or holding hands at the grocery store. It's not about how you look. It's about how you connect on a higher level with another person.

Connecting with your inner child

Everyday life is full of boring obligations. For some, it can almost feel like a slow working hamster wheel with work, bills, and chores. Of course, there should also be room for serious times in a relationship, but this shouldn’t be on the to-do-list of things you just needs to get over with. A relationship must also be able to carry serious moments, but being with someone who is able to be playful and fun is paramount to keeping the balance. Someone who does not take himself too solemnly, someone who can lift the mood and light up the love party when the occasion suits. It's worth gold.

Falling in love is an abstract quantity. After all, it's important to go with your gut feeling and see if you click with each other. Everyone has different character traits that can awaken butterflies in the stomach, and likewise, not all emotions can be calculated according to a checklist. But these points are a really good place to start. Enjoy.