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Maybe You’ve Already Met Your Soulmate?

By Lovla's blog team

Through life's unpredictable paths, we encounter people who leave deep imprints and become very important to us. Some have come for a period of time to disappear again and others are coming to settle down forever. A close connection doesn’t always equal being able to call yourself a soulmate, but if you can nod in recognition to these points, there’s a good chance that you’ve already met your soulmate.

You know how to have fun

There’s a particularly unspoken language that comes with a close connection. The same goes for a romantic relationship. Intern jokes and special memories only the two of you understand, make you close. The creative ways you spend time together are crucial and no one can compete with that bond. It can be movies you love to watch together or specific music that describes your memories. It takes time to form that kind of close relationship, but you know them.

Good communication

The conversations can last all night and there are no awkward pauses because even in silence you’re also comfortable. Good relationships are about connection and communication, and the trust between you gives you the inner peace of mind, to be honest with each other.

Weaknesses are not secrets

You know and accept the areas you each lack. You may share the same weaknesses, but if not, you contribute with skills that compensate for the balance. There’s nothing more life-affirming than two people who are in balance with each other and pick up where the other one is missing.

With both friendship and desire, the recipe is perfect

Friendship is a perfect way to start a relationship because the journey starts without expectations. The development is gradual and becomes more personal when you share ideas, stories, and opinions without the feeling of having to charm anyone. If the foundation for a solid friendship has been laid and the physical attraction appears afterward, you’ve already met what might as well could go and look like a true soulmate indeed.