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Holy Macaroni, Date Night!

By Lovla's blog team

The time has come for sweaty palms and minor anxiety attacks, and those nice butterflies start to resemble, going in to premature labor. You’re well aware of the symptoms. The immediate feeling, relates to when you have an oral exam, which you’re not sure if you prepared for or not.

To compare a date to an exam, isn’t really that far from the truth. You’re judged, no matter how much you try to avoid the thought. Luckily, you’re aware of the fact, that the other person, actually is interested in you. Or at least the swipe was in the right direction on Lovla, so you can’t go totally wrong. But now, the test has come irl, and you’re pretty much aware, that there’s a big contrast between the suitable chat in the app, and suddenly standing face to face.

Your ever-supportive group of friends, are doing their best, to boost your confidence. Encouraging words from friends, who’ve been in a relationship since the stone age however, doesn’t really give you much to go with.

Your incredibly committed group of friend, are trying their best to boost you, but words from people who’ve been in relationships for so long, they do the most unspeakable things in front of an open door, just doesn’t give you much to go by. You’ve reached the point, where nerves are about to reach boiling point, if you just hear the sentence, “just relax and be yourself”, one more time. However, it won’t, and the friendship survives without further damages.

But in the meantime, time’s unfortunately run out, and you have to head out the door, catch a shot, and remove your behind from your comfort zone and out to the uncertainties. You come to think, in small glims of thoughts, that you must be feeling roughly the same, as the cows queuing for the bolt gun, if they’re cognitive enough to know what’s waiting.

Spaghetti like legs on a bumpy road, has always been a bad combo, but you manage to get by and arrive to the bar, without falling over the doorstep. So far so good. - And even better, your date has arrived and is waiting for you. You smile to each other, as soon as your eyes meet, and you head over to the table. The classic dance that occurs, when two people doesn’t know, whether to hug or shake hands, is dismantled with half-nervous laughter.

Relatively quickly, you realise that you’ve been nervous about something quite harmless. The conversation flows easy and effortlessly, and why shouldn’t it? After all, it went brilliant over chat. You get caught up in the little things, the facial expressions on your date, the way they laugh and smile, and you start to think, you've got something really great going on.

You intentionally put the date on a weekday, so you could just pull out the “So, I have to get up early in the morning”-card. You curse that decision, as you realise three hours have passed. You actually do have to get up early tomorrow. You accompany each other out the door. This time, there isn’t the shadow of a doubt, whether to hug or shake hands. You even prolong the hug, more than a standart hug, as you say goodbye.

The bumpy road, no longer provides any significant resistance, and the idea of cows at the final stage of life, is far away. It’s extremely easy to use your legs, all the way home and before you turn off the light, you just check Lovla. Holy macaroni, if it isn’t a message you see in your chat. "Thank you for a lovely evening! :) See you again soon?”. This is also how, you can fall asleep with a big smile on your lips, on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday.