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The Checklist for Long Distance Relationship

By Lovla's blog team

The internet has made long-distance relationships a lot easier. Finding the perfect match miles away is not as impossible as you might imagine, but choosing to be in a relationship of that kind, is not a decision to take lightly. Let's see how to manage a long-distance relationship and how to make the most of it.

What Should You Consider?

Long-distance relationships aren’t limited to those, meeting through the internet, but to any relationship, between a couple that lives far away from each other. Long-distance relations might happen at different stages. It could be your first love as well as an old flame.

  • Love isn’t limited by distance, many love stories exist of people from different backgrounds in terms of countries or cultures. We’ll even go as far as to say that, if you’ve managed to stay together even though distance kept you apart, well then you’re destined for success when you finally move in together.

  • Contrary to the saying "Far from the eyes far from the heart", studies found that long-distance relationships have stronger connections and foundation than more traditional ones.

How to Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

  • Focus on the main objective, which is to be together and to live under one roof, don’t forget that the long-distance situation after all is just a transition.

  • Instead of spending time worrying and doubting the future, you should enjoy the positive side of this type of relationship and spend more time with family and friends or work more without the daily responsibilities of a classical situation.

  • It’s important to talk to each other every day, for stable and well-maintained communication. It is necessary to engage in daily interactions. The possibilities are plenty when communicating through several platforms. Just make sure the contact keeps going throughout the day.

  • Put an extra effort to engage your partner in various aspects of everyday life such as watching the same film at the same time, cooking the same recipe, or reading the same book. Come up with things you both like, and share the joy.

  • A long-distance relationship requires a lot of trust between each other. The fact of being far away from each other combined with doubt may destroy the relationship. It’s highly necessary, to be honest with each other and not hide your feelings or the truth no matter what.