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What I Would’ve Told Myself, When I Was Single

By a blog participant

As the social creatures we - homo sapiens are, we instinctively seek the community. In the dawn of time, when living conditions were a little different and there was no democracy, standing in line, welfare society, or gender equality debate, it was a question of survival, to be part of a community - today, not so much. But the need to have an emotional connection to another human being still lingers.

As a single, you often tend to have an eye open, if not full eagle-eye, in the search for a partner. With just one thing in mind: Finding love, you may not be able to see the forest for the trees. But you can actually benefit from being single. That’s why I wish I had told myself these things when I was consumed by my search:

Live in the Moment

A wise man once said, that throughout life we make plans, but it’s while we try to achieve them, that life happens. You can keep your focus on all the things, that are missing, instead of enjoying what already you have. Good friends, a good job, the opportunity to see the world, etc. So, I wish I’d lived more at the moment when I was single. To see it as a journey, instead of constantly walking around with the feeling that my life was incomplete and I couldn't mark the box called "in a relationship”.

Enjoy the Time for Yourself

The grass is always greener on the other side, and as a single, it's easy to look at other lovers and think that their happiness is done. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a lovely partner and experience life with someone else. But remember, it also requires an effort to be in a relationship, and you have to be able to put your ego in a box, now and then, and take care of another person's feelings and attitudes, before your own. So, remember to enjoy the time when you only have to think about your own needs.

Life Is a Game and the One, That Has Experienced the Most Has Won

When you are grey and wise, what do you want to tell your grandchildren? You’ll sing Billy Idols song “Dancing With Myself" to them. For nothing in life is stationary. It's frighteningly mysterious and loneliness hurts in the long run, but it's the hard times that shape us. So make a virtue of collecting experiences, you can tell on - especially those, where you were single, the world was your oyster and the nights were long.