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The Reason Why Love Won’t Make You Happy

By Lovla's blog team

We all know the motto, and we’ve even mentioned ourselves, that “the joy of expectations, is the greatest”, and you can say that as singles, you tend to daydream about predictions and expectations about the sweet love, waiting on the horizon. The thought about being close to another individual, and enjoy life, is a valid reason to start actively looking for your other half on the white horse.

So what’s better pass time than using social media on your way to work and mirror yourself in all the loving couples and their vacay photos smacked with filters. So, what better thing to do, now that you’re already using social media to pass time, on your way to work, than to mirror yourself in all the couples, throwing around their lovely vacay photos, full of filters? Aah yes, what elation it brings, to scroll down Instagram’s catalog of smiling couples in love, enjoying Sunday brunch, or people who have just received the keys to their new apartment, with an accompanying puppy, that already knows how to shake, bark, and sit. Or what about that classic selfie, where the guy tenderly kisses his big love on the forehead, while she laughs?

No way, right? The irony has been thick enough for you to understand how absurd it sounds, but let's still cut it out for you:

You’re headed directly towards the abyss of happiness if you resort to Instagram or other social media when you need to validate and compare yourself to others. This is not only true in love but all aspects of life.

We know how extremely easy it is to make a gray day look like a romantic Kinder Milk-Slice commercial with extra filters on, but all that glitters isn’t gold. It's fake news when you see a profile filled with the most polished and enviable kissy-love-you-forever-couples on Instagram or Youtube, for that matter.

We’d like to go as far as to say that the couples you see with their Colgate smiles and gorgeous hair also have days where their significant other just rubs them the wrong way, and arguments already start from the morning. Where jealousy emerges to the surface, the whole apartment is messy and the air is thick with bad energy.

So, for goodness sake keep your hands off the idea that your upcoming relationship will look like what you see on Instagram. You give your future love extremely high demands for the perfect relationship if you only see him/her with a filter on. And oh yeah, most importantly: You’re gambling with your happiness by constantly comparing yourself to glamor images.

You’re enough and you’re perfect as you are.