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How to Break the Ice on the First Date

By Lovla's blog team

If you look up the word, “anxiety”, you’ll read this: “Passing feeling of worry, typically due to fear of defeat, failure or similar, with visible symptoms such as shaking voice or hands.”

Those kinds of symptoms sound similar to the beginning of an epileptic seizure, and we would like to avoid that, at all costs. Now don’t get us wrong - we love everything that has to do with butterflies in the stomach and falling in love. However, we’re self-aware enough to admit how anxious it can be to present yourself as both cultivated, funny, irresistible, exciting, and charming at the same time, and then to top it all off, you have to be like that, to a person you just want to impress.

First impressions aren't everything, but it has 97.99% to do with the rest of the time you're spending, while on your date. So, exactly how do to get started, when you’ve hit the jackpot and landed the date of your dreams? To spell it out, it’s about getting closer to each other in words or actions, and making the atmosphere a bit less awkward.

Here at Lovla, we not only want you to find serious love, but we also want to support you, when you move your match from digital contact, into the real world and the first coffee date. You’re probably full of tricks, that have proven to work effectively before. Should you however need some inspiration, then let’s get more specific and get deeper into it. We’ve cut it down to 5 specific tips, we’ve heard should come in handy, when you want to break the ice and start the conversation:

1. Express Your Excitement About Meeting Him/Her

There is nothing more liberating than feeling like you’re both at the same level and being honest, about the fact that the first meeting, is always awkward

2. Ask What Show, They’re Watching

We don’t know anyone who isn’t following some kind of show. So, share your reviews and see if you share the same taste on Netflix.

3. Ask About Their Background

It opens up for the opportunity, to get a little more personal, to go a little deeper, and to tell about your own background and story

4. Stay Away from the Yes/No-Questions

Instead, try with the questions, that opens up the conversation, so you can come up with a counter-response, which is based on their point of view.

5. Share Your Experience

If your date talks about a situation you’ve tried yourself, don’t hesitate to share your own experience. That way, you’ll be able to reflect on your common personality traits.

Got some advice you want to share with us? We’d love to hear what you’ve got if you’re a master of making small talk.