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Guide: That’s How You Snap the Date Home

By Lovla's blog team

At Lovla, we think it’s pretty genius, the thing about pictures in a limited time span. We know all about the ever lasting screenshot factor, so of course you want to stay clear of snapping something, you don’t to end up at the global information superhighway - formally known as the internet.

We’re also well aware, that you’ve heard it all before, but pictures might not say a thousand words, but they do say a whole lot.

You don’t have to worry about fairytale scenery or glittery fonts. As long as you manage to take comparatively good pictures, you’ll actually be able to land the date, without using more words than a haiku poem can carry.

1. Begin in the morning

You might just have to rub your eyes and make sure your hair doesn’t look like a bird’s nest, but from there on, nothing’s preventing you from sending a good morning picture, framed in pillows and cosiness. Effect: Gives a vibe of, you, thinking about your flirt, as the first thing in the morning. Your bed is involved, which we count on you, to figure out why. And who knows what you might/might not be wearing underneath those pillows.

2. Keep the fire burning

You startet out strong, and the cognitive processes of your counterpart, are definitely moving towards breaking point. You should keep an eye on the fact that you both, have things to take care of during the day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t send a snap from the office/school. Effect: As you were taught during your time as a scout, it’s alfa omega to keep the fire burning.

3. Closing time baby!

Don’t you know it! You’re free from all duties of the day, and of course you want to let your flirt in on it. So, go on and flash that key card you’ve thrown down at the bottom of your bag or show that you just hit the off button on your computer. Effect: This is where you open up for the opportunity, for a cup of coffee or a trip to the movies. If you already made other plans and the offer shows up, you’ll have to evaluate, how important that spinning class is, or if the laundry could get postponed a day.

4. Attention, it’s weekend

Whether you’re the weekend warrior or the type to put on your cuddle uniform, as soon as you slam the door behind you, armed with a blanket and snacks, there are actually different tactical presentations to consider. You need to know the opponent. Is your flirt, the type to recharge on the couch, or do they regain energy, by going to disco town? A combination of the two, may also be a possibility. Effect: Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually possible to look nice and cute in your PJ. At the same time, you illustrate how you’re comfortable in your own skin, as a coach potato, on a friday night #NotThatOld. Are you, on the other hand, going out, you get the opportunity to show how disturbingly dashing you look, when you go all out. Of course, we advise against snapping your flirt after 3 a.m. Friends peeing behind a car downtown, might seem as the funniest thing at that particular time, but maybe not as amusing, when you wake up the next day.

5. The endgame

It’s Saturday. Whether you wake up fully dressed with a mean hangover, or with a body that’s at least as dehydrated from all the junk food, it’s time for checking up on your flirt. There are different approaches to consider. You’ve both been out and might be feeling the aftereffect. Nothing beats Netflix binge and junk food intake, right? So, go ahead and send a picture of that local kebab dealer, with Netflix in the background and a question mark. If you’ve both been home the night before, you might as well go for a walk with a coffee to-go, make your way around the movies and then finish off with dining out afterwords. If you haven’t run an activity-related race the night before, one of you has the unique opportunity to act as a rescuer.